Hi, this is David Neagle, and I have a question:

How much of your life do you spend
feeling frustrated and stressed?

Trapped, as if you just can’t see another option because the support, opportunities & cash flow just aren’t enough?

And as hard as you try, the life you dream of is way beyond your grasp, and what’s REAL are the constraints, limitations & disappointments you experience daily?

Now, answer this...

If your rational mind is already urging you to be practical...telling you it’s not that bad... reminding you of all the people who would love to be in your shoes...

For just this brief moment:


And give yourself permission to imagine, to dream, to consider the great things that could happen in your business, your finances, and your life!

Because I can confidently guarantee that my life is drastically freer than 99.9% of the thousands of brilliant entrepreneurs and business visionaries reading these words...

And it’s not because I’m better than they are, or smarter than they are, or even luckier than they are….

This is the single key to my multimillions, my happiness, and my uninhibited path to personal freedom.

Whatever it is that you want, you can achieve when you understand that everything is created by WHO YOU ARE BEING, and nothing else.

The Truth is: making more money is an INSIDE JOB.

The ability to make money lies within, but steps have to be taken to realign false belief systems!

No matter what happens in a day, it manifests from….

  • Who you are.
  • What you believe.
  • How you think (not what you think).
  • Where you direct your energy.
  • Why you have faith in yourself.
  • The subconscious “needs” keeping you from Breaking Free to a miracle.

Making more money, having more freedom, enjoying a fuller life…. it’s all a matter of looking within, changing the way you do business, and changing HOW you think about HOW you think!

There are no other causes, no other reasons.

There is no one else responsible for what happens in your life.

And THAT—your full control—gives you the power to make change in every area of your life that falls short of what you want!


I invite you to Break Free from the things that have kept you stuck in a rut and have put limitations on your finances and your life.

How committed are you to doing your work?

How important is it to prevent what stops you from becoming Your Best You?

This work is especially powerful if you KNOW BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT…

  • That you are here for a reason, a purpose.
  • That you are here to impact the lives of many.
  • That you are so much greater than the sum of your current achievements, no matter how significant thus far.
  • That you have an important message to share and unique gifts that deserve visibility, attention, and expression.
  • That you desire more than anything to have more money left over at the end of the month.


And if the pain of that nonexpression grows every day,
then I believe this work is especially for YOU.

The Mental Money Game isn’t for you if you don’t believe…

  • You deserve to do whatever you want.
  • You deserve more money to accomplish your goals and enjoy the life you were attended to have.
  • You deserve to be free, to have better relationships, and to manifest miracles

The Mental Money Game will light the path to Your Best You and a world
where you do YOUR WORK and only your work (no one else’s!).

How committed are you to doing your work?

How important is it to prevent what stops you from becoming Your Best You?

I invite you to Break Free from the things that have kept you stuck in a rut and have put limitations on your finances and your life.

This teaching is essential for you, if:

  • It’s important to you for others to “see” and validate your point of view.
  • It’s important to you for others to think you’re smart.
  • You don’t take action if you’re not already positive you’ll succeed.
  • You constantly feel bad or wrong for making a mistake.
  • You hear the same objection over and over again and can’t figure out how to address it.

This teaching is essential for you, if:

  • You’re a bottleneck for the productivity and decisionmaking of your company.
  • You don’t trust others to do “the job” as well as you can.
  • You are constantly micromanaging the tasks assigned to others.
  • When something goes wrong, you feel overly responsible for the occurrence of that problem and are extremely hard on yourself as a result.

This teaching is essential for you, if:

  • You long to be “chosen” and “wanted.”
  • Your feelings are often & easily hurt, and you often wish you had tougher skin.
  • You crave deep connection (& elite, “best” status) within your relationships.
  • You feel insecure and threatened by the talents & brilliance of others (even if it’s just a momentary twinge of jealousy or envy).

This teaching is essential for you, if:

  • You feel worthy and deserving only when you’re working hard on a long list of tasks and responsibilities.
  • You worry about the perception that others are getting more done than you are.
  • You don’t say “no” to the requests of others, even though you secretly want to.
  • When you have a whole hour to take time for yourself, you would have a hard time deciding what that would be.
  • “Pulling your weight” is very important to you.
  • You know you should be making sales calls, but you can’t get yourself to pick up the phone!

This teaching is essential for you, if:

  • You’ll sacrifice your own great needs and wants in order to protect your savings.
  • You worry about money (and not having enough) constantly.
  • You have a lot of rules and strong opinions about what your money should (or shouldn’t) be used for.
  • Even when you hit a financial goal, you still feel like it’s not enough.

This teaching is essential for you, if:

  • Appreciation from others means more to you than almost anything.
  • You want to be the “fixer” when others are having trouble or feeling badly.
  • You feel good when others depend on you.
  • You worry secretly about being left behind by those you care about.
  • You feel responsible for the results of your clients!

This teaching is essential for you, if:

  • You care very much how others perceive and feel about you, and this shows up in your one-on-one sales conversations.
  • You make the decision to be agreeable and flexible with others, hiding your own thoughts and feelings.
  • You too quickly sympathize with the troubles of others, finding it difficult to maintain perspective on their role in the circumstance.
  • You believe being liked is paramount for increasing your sales conversions!

This teaching is essential for you, if:

  • You hold onto anger and resentment...which repels opportunity.
  • You have a hard time finding and keeping good employees (how will you grow without them?)
  • You procrastinate and resist doing the very things that will increase your income.
  • You rationalize your anger and grudges which make you a victim of your circumstances rather than empowered.

This teaching is essential for you, if:

  • You can’t help but see yourself in every situation and make every situation about you in some way.
  • You’re sensitive, are easily hurt, and compare yourself to others.
  • Sometimes you feel as if you’ve done something wrong, even when you’re entirely innocent in the situation.
  • You often worry about how the decisions of others will impact you.
  • You’re uncomfortable asking for money in exchange for what you’re selling.

This teaching is essential for you, if:

  • You resist going after your own dreams because of your obligations to others.
  • You take the blame, often throwing yourself “under the bus,” telling yourself you’re taking the high road.
  • You have the feeling that sacrificing yourself will be appreciated by others.
  • You feel that you must carry and support everyone around you.
  • You’re a working Mom. Gift yourself with this module.

This teaching is essential for you, if:

  • A “pat on the back” is more valuable to you than money in the bank.
  • You run around in circles for others, going above and beyond, just to feel as if you belong and that you helped.
  • Your own self-worth fluctuates constantly with the feedback from others.
  • Making a mistake is crushing for you, especially if the mistake is noticed by someone else.

This teaching is essential for you, if:

  • You love to be the center of attention, and you crave the spotlight.
  • You constantly strive to be #1.
  • You have a competitive spirit.
  • You can’t help but feel jealous, even if you don’t like the feeling.
  • You realize we all benefit from an ego check!

I 100% guarantee that this program will cause you to think about your life (and your own behaviors) unlike you ever have before. I 100% guarantee it will lead you to gain awareness, to grow as a human being, and to break old agreements (rules) you had made with yourself long ago, but which no longer serve you. I 100% guarantee that you will become remarkably more aware of where you’re choosing lack over abundance in your life, and make enormous progress at shifting your old limiting money stories, into new beliefs around money that will allow you to receive & use money more freely.

All that being said: I also 100% expect that at some point during this process of personal growth, you may disagree with me & my teachings. If this occurs: My request to you is that you reach out to me and my Team for help via email at support@davidneagle.com, so that we may address your questions personally. And if you still disagree, simply alert my team within 90 days of purchase, and they will promptly refund your purchase in full. So, no matter which way you slice it: There is ZERO RISK FOR YOU.

It’s simple: life is intended for miracles, but we are always given a choice between mediocrity and greatness. And often, we choose what we think we need over what we truly deserve.

Join me for The Mental Money Game, and I’ll show why what you DESERVE is more important.

Unlock The Millions Within!